Relaxation like you’ve never experienced before.

This is not your ordinary massage; this is Bungalow Massage.

Relax and release your stress. Ease your tension and relieve the pressure in your muscles.

Bungalow Retreat is an exclusive relaxation club with a membership cap of 1,000 members. Why put a limit on it? We want to make sure that your experience is relaxing, and that every time you come in, you feel at ease. There is nothing relaxing about waiting in lines or being rushed.

We offer a variety of relaxing services including exquisite massage chairs, state-of-the-art salt rooms, delicious food and beverage, and so much more. Stressed after a long day at work? Need some extra time to yourself on the weekends? Bungalow Retreat is your go-to relaxation destination.

Florida’s Best

When you come to Bungalow Retreat, you are part of an exclusive club that allows you to visit our facilities for a 30-minute massage, any time of the day, without the additional time that a regular hands-on massage would require. Our chair massages offer you a way to rest and relax without the hassle of booking an appointment and waiting on your masseuse.

From the moment you step into our relaxation club, tranquility, serenity, and peace are presented, transforming your day, in just a matter of minutes, into a tropical paradise. Each one of our elite massage chairs is enclosed in a private bungalow with a television and noise-canceling headphones so that our guests can fully immerse themselves in tranquility.

In addition to a relaxing massage, kick back with a meal and drink or experience one of our salt rooms. Regardless of what you come in for, your comfort is our priority.

Join our membership program today and let your tensions melt away. Relax and escape from your troubles. It is time to release your stress and let us take care of you. When you are looking for an effective and relaxing way to ease your pain, tension, and stress, you need Bungalow Retreat. Come in today and stay as long as you need.