There’s something about taking a minute for yourself that makes the rest of life easier to handle. It’s important to make sure that the time you take will truly improve your situation and send you on your way better than before. Massage does exactly that. Our massage chairs not only give you a chance to take some time away from the daily grind in your own Tahitian paradise, but they can also relieve you of tension and pain standing between you and a successful day or week. Instead of soldiering through, get a membership with Bungalow Retreat in Lake Mary, Florida. Our private chair massage bungalows are just what you need!

  1. Learn to Care for Yourself

    It’s easy to spend the majority of your day caring for others, especially if you have little kids who can’t care for themselves. You get up and spend your entire day getting your kids ready for school, going to work and doing work for others, and then running your kids to activities, only to ret…Read More

  2. Welcome to the Bungalow Retreat!

    Life is busy. From the moment you wake to the moment you lay down for bed, you’re on the go. A typical day can entail: waking the kids for school, getting them ready, getting yourself ready, driving them to school, going to a full day of work, picking your kids up from school, shuttling them to an…Read More