Life is busy.

From the moment you wake to the moment you lay down for bed, you’re on the go. A typical day can entail: waking the kids for school, getting them ready, getting yourself ready, driving them to school, going to a full day of work, picking your kids up from school, shuttling them to and fro like a mother duck to gymnastics, wrestling, basketball, and play dates, home to dinner, help with homework, and bedtime. If you’re lucky, you have 30 minutes left to catch up with your spouse, talk about work, the day, and the kids, and then wind down.


The Bungalow Retreat in Florida was founded with the idea to be your respite from this busyness. We’ve designed our entire experience, from the moment you walk through the doors to the moment you leave, to be a vacation from your world. Our goal is to offer you a complete relaxation experience. Our beautiful rooms are color-coded with soothing yellows and blues to wash away the worries of your day. Our amazing chair massages will relieve the built-up tension in your body, and our salt therapy room will help cleanse airways and skin, as well as aid in recovery of the body and promote your general overall well-being. Enjoy a cool beverage as you relax and enjoy quiet space away from all the other demands you face.


  1. For overall well being. Self-care is important to improve your overall quality of life and relationships, as well as manage stress. You’re a better person when you’re not at your wits-end with your kids, your spouse, your family and friends, and your pets.
  2. For your body. We demand a lot from ourselves physically. From physical exercise to sitting at a desk all day to long walks with the dog and playing basketball at night with the kids, our bodies may only really rest at night. Just 30 minutes a day receiving a chair massage can help your body rejuvenate and heal any damaged tissue suffered throughout the day.
  3. For escape. Some of us have to force ourselves to leave our environments if we are to relax. When you settle yourself into one of the Bungalow Retreat’s massage chairs, you’ll be forced to sit in a room with no outside distractions. As you sit longer, you’ll soon close your eyes and maybe even meditate and rest. This will allow your body a much needed break and your brain time to process the day, which leads to a more productive rest of your day.


With your needs in mind, Bungalow Retreat has invested in different types of massage chairs. This will allow you to find your favorite and experience different massages for variety. Our state-of-the-art chairs recline, which allows you to elevate your legs to heart-level. This promotes good blood flow and eliminates pressure on your lower body. It also promotes relaxation as your body is stimulated into “rest mode.” With most of us sitting a good portion of our days, we are prone to develop problems with our legs, including varicose veins. Elevating our legs gives our heart a break as blood flows up towards the heart with little effort.

At Bungalow Retreat in Florida, our chair massages can be adjusted for various levels of intensity, between subtle to more focus on deep tissue. You can also have the chair massage target specific problem areas of your body. Our chair massages offer kneading, tapping, knocking, knead & tap, and pulse and Shiatsu, targeting the arms, shoulders, feet, back, glutes, legs, and neck. Every chair massage also comes with a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones for your use so you can listen to your music, allowing for a true escape from your day.


The Bungalow Retreat is the solution to the stresses of your day. Massage therapy has so many benefits, including relieving stress, improving sleep and blood circulation, and helping relieve chronic pain, that the Bungalow Retreat only makes sense. A retreat you can utilize in your day for as long or as little as you like will have long-lasting benefits and repercussions throughout your life. If you’re in the Lake Mary, FL, area, we invite you in for a free preview and chair massage to see for yourselves this amazing retreat from life we’ve created just for you. Contact us today!