A Modern-Day Philosophy

Here at Bungalow Retreat, you don’t just get a massage, you get a restful experience – much different than anything you’ve tried before. Taking the stress out of your day, the tension out of your neck, and washing all your worries and anxieties away, we make your relaxation our mission.

Our philosophy is simple – to help you relax as we take you for a getaway on the beach. As your local and trusted, professional modern-day R&R, we have made receiving a massage easier than ever and at a price you can’t beat. Say goodbye to the days of being too busy and hello to a solution for all your relaxation needs.

Everyone deserves to treat themselves to some rest and relaxation, and with a membership to Bungalow Retreat, you can treat yourself every day. No matter what your schedule looks like, there’s always time for Bungalow Retreat and a little eclectic getaway.

By stepping into Bungalow Retreat, you are taking complete control of your relaxation needs.

Bungalow Retreat aims to bring the luxury of a massage to those of us who have stressful work environments, or need the massage to ease muscle pain or just improve their overall health. Offering a variety of massage chairs, our goal in opening our facility is to make massages simple and convenient. Because you don’t have to wait on a masseuse or schedule your appointment months in advance, we make relaxation and rest realistic for everyone. Relax when you want to, how you want to. Relax with Bungalow Retreat.

Don’t wait – join one of our Bungalow Retreat member programs today, and let us help you relax.