Experience Relaxation and Wellness in a Natural and Healing Environment

Salt therapy, or halotherapy, has been trending across the country — and for a good reason. Salt therapy is believed to offer a variety of mental and physical health benefits due to the natural healing that salt offers. Salt has been around since the beginning of time, and civilizations across the world and throughout the decades have used it for preservatives, cooking, and even healing. Today, salt is used by medical professionals and holistic healers alike.  Wellness businesses like yoga studios, acupuncturists, med spas, fitness centers, and relaxation and massage establishments, like Bungalow Retreat, offer salt therapy as a complementary therapy.

Halo Salt Therapy at Bungalow Retreat

At Bungalow Retreat, our salt rooms are designed to provide optimal benefits and take advantage of all the healing powers offered by salt. Several studies have confirmed that halotherapy can aid in the recovery of patients who suffer from asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, and a variety of other respiratory diseases.

Why Salt Therapy?

There are three main reasons why salt is so beneficial and holds powerful healing powers:

  • Salt is absorbent, which allows it to remove and hold onto toxins;
  • Salt is anti-bacterial, which helps reduce infection and improve skin conditions; and
  • Salt is anti-inflammatory, allowing it to reduce inflammation, swelling, bloating, and pain.

From athletes to the elderly, and everyone in between, salt therapy offers an all-natural healing option. Contact us to schedule your halo salt therapy session at Bungalow Retreat today!